Toenail Restoration

Even though it feels like toenails grow fast and we’re always trimming them, when you’re dealing with an unattractive toenail, it seems to take forever for a new, healthy one to take its place! Whether you’re fighting toenail fungus or you’re sporting a black toenail from some sort of trauma, we can help you not only treat the problem but also restore the healthy appearance of your toenail while you wait for nature to take its course! KeryFlex is a patented procedure that allows a new nail to take all the time it needs to grow in without anyone being the wiser!

Toenail Restoration to the Rescue!

KeryFlex is an in-office service that we offer to simulate a healthy toenail while your natural nails are restored to health. Applications of a durable, synthetic resin create a non-porous and flexible “toenail” that hides the damaged one during the treatment process, or while a healthy nail grows back. The resin is built up, contoured, and then hardened with an ultraviolet light—a process that takes just minutes. A natural, healthy appearance is restored, not to mention your confidence—no more being self-conscious and hiding your feet in socks and shoes no matter what the weather! In addition, KeryFlex protects the new nail coming in, is totally safe and non-irritating to your skin, and is completely unaffected by nail polish or remover.

Common conditions this process benefits include:

  • Fungal Toenails – this rather common condition occurs when a fungus finds its way under your toenail through even the smallest of cuts. As the fungal infection takes hold, your nail can turn yellow, become brittle and crumbly, thicken, collect debris beneath it, and even emit a foul odor—not pretty! Toenail fungus is stubborn, too, and it takes quite a while to get rid of the infection.
  • Black Toenails – whether something heavy falls on your foot, or your toes are continually jamming against the front of your running shoes, trauma to a toenail can result in blood pooling underneath, making your nail look black and blue. The pressure can even lift the nail from its bed—not the most attractive look.

The best part is, treatments for these conditions can continue despite KeryFlex toenails being in place, and it has no effect on the results or duration of the treatment. That means you can take care of the underlying problem without concern about how it looks in the process.

If you are suffering from unsightly nail conditions and are interested in toenail restoration, ask us about our KeryFlex applications to restore a healthy appearance to your toenails as they mend. Dial (928) 776-9428 for our Prescott, AZ office. You can also take advantage of our online contact form as an easy and convenient way to connect with us. You don’t have to wait for healthy nails to return! Let us help you look and feel your best while getting the care you need.